Skins Nomad W/ Q. Tens. T.C. D

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Skins Nomad W/ Q. Tens. T.C. D

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Jones skins are made in Switzerland by one of the most innovative and trusted skin manufacturers in the world - POMOCA. For the last 40 years POMOCA has produced industry leading skins for high altitude ski mountaineering and randonee racing.

Not all splitboard skins are created equal. Some glide well, but are slippery on the steeps. Others are like Velcro - great for climbing, terrible for touring. Jones Nomad Climbing Skins eliminate this issue as these 70% Mohair / 30% Synthetic Nylon skins offer the perfect balance of glide and grip. The premium natural mohair fibers deliver unmatched glide in any snow condition because they remain soft and flexible at any temperature. The nylon fibers provide extra traction when the skin track gets steep or icy. Skin fibers are also coated with EVER DRY Anti-glopping treatment to improve performance in wet snow and keep your skins dry lap after lap.


  • 70% Mohair & 30% Nylon
  • Ever Dry
  • Grip Tech
  • Fits: Carbon Solution 164, Solution 164, Aviator Split 156, 160, Explorer Split 152, 156, 159, 162

  • Includes:

    • One pair skins with Quick Tension Tail Clips attached
    • Two backing sheets
    • Skin bag